University of South Florida (USF) College of The Arts (CoTA)

Scholarships & Awards



Who: All CoTA staff or faculty taking classes.

What: The CoTA Faculty/Staff Scholarship fund provides support for books and supplies for coursework at USF. This funding is made available through the Faculty/Staff Campaign and is contingent on available funding. As tuition is covered by the Tuition Assistance Program, scholarship funds help cover additional costs such as books, materials, fees, credit hours over and above the 6 hours covered by Tuition Assistance Program as well as tuition for unsupported classes such as Thesis and Research.

Each spring, if funding is available, the Associate Dean of the College will distribute a memo to all CoTA Faculty & Staff requesting applications.


At USF, employees are encouraged to pursue continuous learning, including taking USF courses. As an educational institution, enrollment in our own programs adds value to the university. USF offers the Employee Tuition Program (ETP) to help our employees reach their educational goals.

For more information, visit USF Human Resources Employee Benefits: Work/Life Programs.

USF Staff Senate: Dollars for Staff Scholars

The Dollars for Staff Scholars Fund was established in 1994 as a Scholarship to benefit staff enrolled in for- credit classes. Each semester our staff members are eligible to apply for a scholarship through this program, when registered for the semester at USF. The fund is primarily supported through the Annual Faculty & Staff Campaign. For more information, visit the USF Staff Senate webpage.

Recognition at USF

Each year, the University of South Florida seeks to recognize employees who exemplify excellence through their daily commitment to the university. It is the hard work and dedication of these staff members that makes our success possible.

For more information about the annual Oustanding Staff Award and other recognition awards, please visit USF Human Resources: Communications, Programs and Events.


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