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Welcome to back to The Arts at USF

Dear Graduate,

Welcome to back to The Arts at USF. As of this last year, our college has over 6000 graduates and each one of you is an important part of the rich history of this very young institution.

If this is your first electronic visit to The Arts at USF we extend a very special welcome and invite you to take some time to explore not only the program from which you graduated but check out some of the other interesting sites that focus on the arts: each of the schools pages, the events site and current news stories, and also follow The Arts at USF page on Facebook.

For those of you who have graduated from the School of Architecture & Community Design and are now curious about the College your School has been merged with, feel free to click through our history, our other schools, our events, etc. You'll find that SACD has found a home in a very familiar setting. Remember sitting in your studio until 4 a.m.? Our Art Studio students share the very same love of caffeine. We hope that you'll visit us often, either physically or virtually, to hear about your colleagues as well as your visual and performing arts family. Join our mailing list or fan us on Facebook to stay connected.

If you have been to our website before then you know that there are many new and exciting activities taking place and we would welcome your attendance. If you live in the region, drop in at your convenience; if you are now somewhere else in the world, you can keep in touch with us by visiting the website, by signing up for the mailing list, or by becoming a fan on Facebook. In addition, you can submit stories to us, we would love to help promote you!

We hope you'll stay connected to USF and keep in touch with all of the exciting happenings that are helping USF continue to be a great place for The Arts.

Stay connected and keep advocating for The Arts across the world.

From the University of South Florida College of The Arts



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