University of South Florida (USF) College of The Arts (CoTA)

Checklist for Prospective Students

As a prospective student in the College of The Arts, it is important to note that in addition to applying to the University you may have specific program requirements. Program requirements can be fulfilled concurrently with university requirements (for example: you may audition or submit a portfolio before you are accepted to USF).

Steps to becoming a student at the USF College of The Arts

1. Apply to the University

a. Fill out an application
b. Pay application fee
c. Submit transcripts

i. Freshmen submit high school transcripts
ii. Transfer Students submit all college transcripts

d. Provide proof of immunization

2. Inquire about program requirements

a. Submit a Portfolio for:

    i. Architecture
    ii. Art Studio

b. Audition for:

    i. Dance
    ii. Music

c. No Program Entrance Requirements for:

    i. Art History
    ii. Theatre

3. Apply for Financial Aid

a. Scholarships

    i. College of The Arts
    ii. University

b. Federal Aid

4. Decide on a Meal Plan

5. Arrange Housing

6. Register for Orientation

a. Meet with an academic advisor
b. Register for classes
c. Declare a major


Prospective Students


> Architecture & Community Design
> Art & Art History
> Music
> Theatre & Dance

Institute for Research in Art
> Contemporary Art Museum
> Graphicstudio

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